December 3, 2014

Live Nativity at Bluffdale, Utah

On Monday night I had the chance to go see a Live Nativity in Bluffdale, Utah. I heard about it last year, and thought it would just be one of those simple sets with maybe 10 people dressed up in costume. So of course, I did not bring my camera. Let's just say I regretted that decision when I actually saw the amazing work everyone did. Camels, donkeys, sheep, llamas (which are not exactly biblical, but still really cool!), chickens roaming the streets, a ram, and that was just the animals. Then you had street vendors, a poor beggar asking for money, a carpenter's shop, a loomer, potter, and of course Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. And then the sets! They were amazing! It felt like you had stepped back in time and were wandering the streets of Bethlehem. When I found out they were doing it again this year, I decided I had to bring my camera. Here is the finished work. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to everyone! And if you are in Utah, go see it!

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