About Me

I am an MPA graduate hoping to change the world (or at least try). I love music with really tight harmonies and love playing the piano in the dark. I love learning; in particular I enjoy learning of cultures, world religions, and history. I have visited over 90 religious sites throughout the world (including Buddhist, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Mormon, and Quaker) and always enjoy visiting these significant buildings. 

My dream is to one day build a Biblical based museum to help teach people about the Bible in a hands on, visual way. Many of the things I do (blog posts, replicas, models, and videos) are with the hope of reaching this goal.

I love to travel. I have lived in Peru, Israel, and China and hope to live in many other countries before I die. I love historic architecture and notice little things like moldings, trim, door knobs, and textures of a surface. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and thrive off of learning new things from the scriptures. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and have a strong testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Me in Peru at Machu Picchu