October 6, 2014

High Priest Breastplate

Here are a few more pictures of my progress on the breastplate of the High Priest. The only things left to do is to engrave the stones, and then actually mount them. (As of right now they are just being held in by pressure, so they can still fall out easily). The two shoulder stones will have six of the twelve tribes on each stone, and each of the chest stones will have a single name of one of the twelve tribes. My plan is to engrave the Hebrew letters using a font from the Isaiah scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls. My hope is to have everything finished by the end of the year!

The breastplate of the High Priest
Closeup of the stone settings (they are still now sown on yet)
A few sample stones showing Hebrew letters from the Isaiah scroll
Breastplate of the High Priest with the stones representing the 12 tribes
Showing both shoulder stones
Closeup of the shoulder stone of the High Priest
The breastplate of the High Priest