April 22, 2014

Triclinium Passover Feast (Biblical Dinner) 2014

Fish-eye view of our Triclinium Passover (one triclinium table and two round tables not shown)
Below are a few pictures from my second Triclinium Passover dinner this year. This was by far the largest I have hosted, having around 150 people in attendance. It was actually the first where most of my family was able to attend (which was fun). A special thanks to a good friend of mine who took the photos (he has a great blog with some amazing photos about what it would be like to live in a world with zero gravity). Hope you enjoy!

Giving instructions to everyone on how to fill the food baskets
Giving the final touch to the food baskets
Endless baskets of food
Various meat dishes (lamb, chicken and beef) for the Passover dinner
Various dishes, including entire fish, lentils and hummus
Cheese and hummus bowls and a biblical dip
Instructing the 'servants' on how to serve the guests
Triclinium table and an oil lamp
Servants placing the food baskets out on the tables
Food on the tables
Various pictures of the 'four cups' of wine
A servant pouring water for a guest
Guests enjoying the Passover biblical dinner
A servant washing the hands of the guests
Various biblical artifacts out for display

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