January 23, 2014

The Golden Bells of the Jewish High Priest

Golden bells of the Jewish high priest (drawing from the Temple Institute)
For those who know me, they know that I love to make biblical recreations. My latest project, the robes of the Jewish High Priest, is perhaps my most ambitious project by far. The high priest wore a total of eight holy garments, the undergarments (a type of britches), the tunic, the blue robe, the ephod (the thing that looks like a backwards apron), the breastplate (with the 12 stones), the sash, the turban, and the golden crown. (See Exodus 28, Exodus 39 and Leviticus 8.)

Along the bottom of the blue robe was a row of golden bells and wool balls in the shape of a pomegranate. These bells would ring as the high priest would walk around, making him stand out in a crowd (as if he did not already).

Well, who knew that trying to find the gold bells would be such a chore! I looked everywhere and could not find anything (expect modern looking, machine made bells). I finally found a wholesaler that sold a large assortment of handmade bells, but they all were in brass. So, I decided to paint them gold. Though it is not perfect, I think they may just be almost perfect! Below are a few of the before and after pictures of the golden bells:

Handmade unpainted brass bells from India
Painting the brass bells with metallic gold paint
Painted gold bells drying
The Golden Bells of the Jewish High Priest
The golden bells


  1. I have been looking for bells like these - can you please tell me name of the wholesaler that you purchased these from - Thank you so much -

  2. I purchased them from OM Imports. You do have to have a $100 minimum purchase, so that can make it a little hard if you only want a few (or don't want anything else). Here is the link to the bells: https://www.omimports.com/String_Bell_p/clb16.htm

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