April 18, 2011

Holy Week: Passover

In preparation for Passover (which actually started today), with the help of a friend, we created this video about the Last Supper and the Passover. Passover is one of my most favorite holidays of the entire year and I invite you to celebrate it this week during Holy Week.

Passover is the oldest festival still celebrated today, and has rich symbolism all throughout the feast. It celebrates the redemption of Israel from Egypt 3500 years ago by the death of all the first born of Egypt. Israel had been captive for 300 years and then on this night they were freed. It is not by chance that the Savior chose to use this holiday to usher is his own redemption. The symbolism is beautiful, and each time I celebrate the feast, my appreciation for the Savior grows.

Again, I invite you to host your own Passover during this Holy Week (Thursday is the traditional day of the Last Supper, if you would like to celebrate it then). To help we have created a Hagaddah (kind of like the manual to a Passover dinner) and several other links that might help. You can find them on the Passover Tab of my blog.

I know that the Savior did come into the world to redeem his people, and that on that celebratory night so long ago, he brought true redemption and power. The Lamb of God truly was slain that we might be freed!

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