January 21, 2009

Why "Redeemer of Israel"?

One of my favorite hymns is "Redeemer of Israel." It has such a wonderful message, and it seems to rouse my spirit every time I hear it. Perhaps one of the reasons is because my first name is Israel. No, I am not Jewish, I am actually a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, most commonly known as the "Mormons." The reason my name is Israel is a long story, but needless to say, when I read the scriptures, it is far easier for me to apply the verses to myself then for most people. This is because the name of Israel is used more in scripture than any other name (besides the titles given to Jesus Christ). We are often told that if we replace the names of those found in the scriptures with our own, we can gain greater insights into the message. For me, this has often already been done.

Hence, for most, the term Redeemer of Israel (see Isaiah 49:7) is speaking of Christ in a world-wide context. For me, because my name is Israel, He is my personal Redeemer. Thus, this blog, "Redeemer of Israel" will focus on how I see Jesus Christ as my personal Redeemer and Savior. I hope within this blog to post thoughts and feelings in regards to why I feel He must be a part of our lives, and how we can learn about Him through the scriptures.

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