September 22, 2015

Ancient Jewish Wedding Feast

This year I hosted the second ever Ancient Jewish Wedding Feast. It was not quite as big as last year (we had around 80-90 people last year), but we still had a good turnout. With the smaller size, I was able to focus a little more on getting video of the wedding procession (see above), including some video footage using a GoPro and a drone. The evening began with the reenactment of the betrothal ceremony, followed by the one year preparation (or waiting period) where we set the table for the feast, the wedding procession and the actual feast. All in all, I think everyone had a great time!

The groom and bride, parents, friend of the bridegroom, and myself
The bride and groom listening as I explain the betrothal process
The groom pours the 'cup of covenant' for the bride
Women of the group help prepare the bride for the wedding procession and feast
The bride being readied with her gold-coin headdress
Food set out and ready for the wedding feast
Food ready for the wedding feast
Guests light their oil lamps in preparation for the coming of the bridegroom
The parents of the bride head the wedding procession
The bride being carried in the bridal litter (or aperion) to the wedding feast
Guests enjoy the wedding feast
The bride and groom enjoy the wedding feast with their guests
The groom and bride with oil lamps
Some of the wedding feasts participants holding their oil lamps
One of our younger participants with an oil lamp


  1. I am glad that you shared about this tradition and custom here. I have been to a traditional Jewish wedding at event space San Francisco. That was a great wedding but was little different to that one.

    1. Glad you liked it. Yes, very different from a modern Jewish wedding. My hope is to help take people back in time so to speak. It would be fun one of these days to attend a modern Jewish wedding!


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