January 30, 2015

Engraving the Breastplate Stones

Here is another update of my progress on the clothing of the high priest. I now have engraved all of the stones for breastplate, and have engraved one of the shoulder stones. One left, and then I need to mount them to the fabric and I will be done!

Some of the engraved stones of the high priest breastplate
More of the unattached engraved stones
The stones are first engraved, then embossed with gold paint
Me engraving one of the shoulder stones for the high priest clothing
Adding the gold paint to the engraved names six tribes of Israel
The finished right shoulder stone with six of the twelve tribes


  1. How could I go about using one of these images for a book I'm self-publishing?

  2. How can I obtain one of these Ephod priestly and how much is the cost?

  3. How can I purchase the engraved stones? Cost?

    1. They are not for sale. It was very hard to even get one set (most stonecutters don't want to attempt a project like this) so I have had an extremely hard time even getting the few sets I have. Sorry.


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