July 31, 2014

Ancient Jewish Wedding

This fall experience the Bible, as you never have before. Be part of an ancient Jewish wedding feast, with a procession of lights, authentic music, food and dance. Learn about the parable of the ten virgins, Jesus’ first miracle at the marriage at Cana, and come to understand our own covenants we make with Christ, the great Bridegroom.

Ancient Jewish Wedding Feast
Friday, September 5 at 7:00pm
1495 East 4705 South, Salt Lake City, UT

Oil lamps will be sold for $5 and must be ordered by August 6th (as I am ordering them from Israel). To purchase, click here and complete order through PayPal. You will receive your oil lamp at the activity.

I will need lots of help with food, servants, etc. so let me know if you can help in any way.

An oil lamp, which will be used during the wedding procession


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  2. Of course you can! Glad people are using them. I used Photoshop to create the Plan of Salvation and Adobe InDesign for the flip chart (if you don't know about the flip chart, check my Visual Aids Tab on my blog). If you don't have either of those programs (or don't know how to use them), you can send me the text translations of each of the words or phrases and I can just add them. Or, I can give you a blank template (pdf, jpeg) as well (whatever works the best).


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