March 25, 2013

Triclinium Passover 2013

This year I held another Triclinium Passover Feast. I tried a few new things that I did not do last year. First, I changed the lighting by turning off the overhead lights and added spot lights around the room. This allowed the participants to still be able to read, but also created a more subdued environment. Next, I had all guests remove their shoes upon entering the room. Lastly, I served lamb as the main course, including serving lamb as part of the Hillel sandwich (the lamb actually sweetens and overpowers the bitter herbs). This is a powerful lesson in that just as the lamb takes away the bitterness, so Christ (the Lamb of God) takes away the bitterness of sin and death and sweetens our lives.

Triclinium table prior to adding the appetizers

Triclinium table set with appetizers

Everyone ready to start the feast
A 'servant' washing the hands of the guests
A 'servant' serving lamb
Guests reading the Hagaddah during the feast
Guests reclining at the triclinium tables

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  1. That is wonderful, Israel! I like the focus the passover brings to Christ. A lot of the Easter traditions have changed things but the passover stays constant. I hope to make that a tradition in my family.


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