March 24, 2009

Becoming One with the Master Conductor

I have on a few occasions had the chance to attend the performances of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the Orchestra at Temple Square. Their music is beautiful and uplifting. Voice and instrument are combined to create a harmony that is indescribable. Hundreds of individuals combine their time and talents to bring us this heavenly music. Though they may spend thousands of hours in practice, a critical event must take place prior to every concert; the tuning of the instruments so that they may be one in voice. Without this tuning of every instrument, the entire performance can go down in flames. Without this attunement it does not matter how good the conductor is or how well trained the performers are, the show will not succeed.

Our lives are no different. We must learn to attune our lives with the master conductor, even Jesus Christ. We may say that by doing so we lose our freedom, or we may lose our ability to be an individual. Just imagine if a highly trained musician said this in regards to being in-tune with the orchestra. He or she would never be hired to perform, they would lose all ability to create such beautiful music, they would eventually become alone. Sure, beautiful music can be created by one instrument, but this can never compare to that of a full, well trained, orchestra. As we learn to align our will with God, as we learn to become attuned with Him, we will be able to become far more than we ever could while on our own. As we learn to do this, we truly will be able to have the powers of heaven in our lives.

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